The 361° #BeyondExpectations Ambassador Program is an embodiment of our commitment to enabling everyday runners and athletes to define their own standard of success, break down barriers and achieve more than they thought possible. We are searching for running influencers to become 361° Ambassadors. These are people of all abilities who share a passion for rejecting external measures of achievement by creating and fulfilling their own potential and possibilities. We know that everyone - no matter their background, abilities or ambitions - can go beyond expectations. We exist to support that and this ambassador programme will be unique in having that at its heart.

Who are we looking for?
If you are someone dedicated to sharing your running story with your online and local community, redefining your own standards of success and having fun along the way, then let us support you. 361° want to see runners all over the world flourish and inspire others to do the same. We are looking for runners who:

* Enjoy sharing their running story on social media on a daily basis.
* Create engaging and varied content, know how to tell a great story visually
* Have a minimum total followers of 2,000 across Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook
* Are not already working with a running apparel and shoe brand
* Are positive, upbeat and fun
* Are based in the following countries: Finland, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Italy, Austria, Ireland

* You can submit to become a 361º ambassador until the 8th of December 2019 with exception of readers of Jogging International (FRA)
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