Application Form to the OSCE Parallel Civil Society Conference 2017 (Hotel LeMeridien in Vienna, 5-6 December 2017)
Please note that this conference is an event organized by the Civic Solidarity Platform. The number of participants is limited. Filling in this application form does not automatically guarantee your participation in the conference, but we will try to process your request and confirm your participation as soon as possible.
Please also be informed that members of the Civic Solidarity Platform have priority when it comes to the limited number of participants and funding opportunities. We also try to strive for geographical and topical diversity. Thank you for your understanding!

Application deadline is 14 October 2017.
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General information
The OSCE Parallel Civil Society Conference 2017 organized by the Civic Solidarity Platform will be held on the eve of the annual OSCE Ministerial Council in Vienna, building on the traditions of Parallel Conferences held in Astana (2010), Vilnius (2011), Dublin (2012), Kiev (2013), Basel (2014), Belgrade (2015) and Hamburg (2016). These conferences have provided a forum for independent civil society to seek answers to current challenges in the OSCE Human Dimension and develop strategies and recommendations to try to empower OSCE political bodies, institutions and participating States. At this conference, civil society organisations from the OSCE region will adopt recommendations to the OSCE participating States, OSCE political bodies and institutions, which were partly elaborated at CSP events throughout 2017 and earlier. These recommendations will also be accompanied by the ‘Vienna Declaration on preventing counter-terrorism, anti-extremism, anti-radicalisation and other security measures from eclipsing human rights and the rule of law (working title)’ - a priority topic for the CSP.
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Are you planning on staying for the OSCE Ministerial Council Meeting (7-8 December 2017)? If you do, our local CSP coordinator from the Austrian Helsinki Association (AHA) will get in touch with you with regards to seperate OSCE accreditation.
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Participants that are self-funded may soon receive a special hotel booking link via e-mail. Please note that the rooms will be distributed on the basis of 'first come first serve'. Please click the appropriate box above and we will contact you once the relevant booking information is available. Thank you!
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