BSGTS 2017 Activities Liability Form
As part of the BSGTS 2017 you might be participating in an outdoor educational activity on October 19-20, 2017. It is the policy of the Big Sky School District to require personal permission before allowing a participate in this learning experience. If you would like to participate, please carefully read and sign this document.
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I understand that the school and the staff of the BSGTS will try to prevent accidents. However, I fully understand that some activities involve inherent risks to individuals regardless of all feasible safety measures that may be taken by the district. In consideration of the district’s agreement to participate in the referenced experience, I agree to accept responsibility for any loss or injury that occurs during participation in this activity that is not the result of fraud, willful injury to a person or property or the willful or negligent violation of a law by a trustee, employee or agent of the Big Sky School District. In the event it becomes necessary for the district staff in charge to obtain emergency care, neither he\she nor the school district assumes financial liability for expenses incurred because of an accident, injury, illness and\or unforeseen circumstances. By signing below I agree to those terms. *
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If answered "yes" above, please give a detailed explanation of the medical condition.
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