Heart of Habitue Assessment
This assessment is designed to provide you with thought on your current place in life, who God designed you to be and how fulfilled you are today. Where you begin is not nearly as important as where you end.

The Legacy Leaders Group is my favorite group and I made it for people just like you. Here we develop a Heart of Habitué, which makes for strong Christian leaders. A heart of habit, is an individual with a heart to live, love, learn, and lead according to the call God has on them.

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1. How satisfied are you in your current job/career?
2. Do you feel you are making a difference in the world and your surroundings?
3. How aware of your spiritual gifts are you?
4. What is your overall physical condition?
5. How do you feel about your current weight?
6. How well do you sleep at night?
7. How content are you with your life?
8. How healthy are your personal relationships?
9. How do you feel about yourself?
10. How satisfied are you with your spiritual life?
11. How often do you feel you know what God is asking of you or you feel the Holy Spirit nudges you?
12. How often do you find yourself praying?
13. How compelled are you to help others?
14. How well liked are you?
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