TWENTY65: Mobilising Publics for Resilient Water Systems Survey
Thank you for following the link to the 'mobilising publics' survey. Your participation is invited because we understand you are involving the public in helping to build a better water system. We are very excited to learn more about this work and hope that you will be willing to spend some time providing us with information - we estimate that you will need between 15 and 20 minutes to answer our questions. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANSWERS CANNOT BE SAVED AND COMPLETED AT A DIFFERENT TIME.

WHO ARE WE? This research is part of the TWENTY65 project carried out about by research from Sheffield University and Manchester University. The project website is:

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 'MOBILISING PUBLICS'? 'Mobilising publics' means working with a group of 'the public' to encourage them to act differently or change their practices with a view to making a better water system. For example, you might be encouraging people to use less water, harvest rainwater, organising volunteers to report on riverine pollution incidents, or supporting farmers to reduce the risk of pesticide contamination of a river or groundwater.

WHAT IS THE SURVEY FOR? The survey aims to map schemes for mobilising publics across the UK, wherever they come from. We want to explore their nature and extent, and to identify the benefits they provide in terms of a more efficient and less environmentally harmful water service. This research is important because, while there is widespread understanding of technical initiatives, evaluations of activities involving the public are not as frequently shared, making it hard to learn across organisations or functions. The main purpose of the database is to: 1) gain a better understanding of how mobilisation happens across the UK water sector; 2) provide opportunities for learning related to mobilisation across cases and organisations; and 3) expose and celebrate the great work that is already happening in terms of water organisations working with their publics to address water related challenges.

WHO SHOULD FILL IN THE SURVEY? We are interested in answers from anyone organising initiatives or schemes which mobilise the public. We anticipate that the initiators will be in an organisation - for example, a water company, a local authority, an NGO or a community group.

WHAT ARE THE POSSIBLE BENEFITS OR RISKS OF TAKING PART? We foresee no direct risks to participants of taking part in this research, rather we hope that the results will contribute to an increased understanding of the nature and extent of mobilisation initiatives across water management in the UK. Through your involvement, we anticipate that you will gain exposure to a diverse range of mobilisation initiatives across multiple organisations in the UK. We will make our research available through a database of mobilisation initiatives but also through videos, presentations, reports, and articles to academic, policy, and general audiences. Please provide an e-mail address if you would like a summary of the results.

HOW WILL THE DATA I PUT ON THE SURVEY BE USED? The main purpose of the data collected through this survey is to populate a publicly available database of mobilisation initiatives across the UK water sector. The anonymised results from questions marked with a * in front of the number will be publically available as part of the database (please note that the email address will not be publically available.). The remaining questions will contribute to the broader research on the nature and extent of mobilisations across the UK water sector, but will not be associated with the individual scheme. We anticipate that the anonymised survey results also will be included in future presentations, reports and academic papers. The full survey results will be kept on password protected computers and only shared amongst researchers involved in this project. Participation is completely voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any stage by contacting us without giving a reason. Should this happen, all the data that you have provided will be deleted.

HOW IS THE PROJECT FUNDED? The work is part of the TWENTY65 research project which is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The project as a whole seeks to work in partnership across the water sector to explore how water systems can be tailored so that they positively impact health, the environment, the economy and society. The TWENTY65 website is:

For further information or questions please contact:

Fatima Ajia

Emma Westling

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