Sprout Interest Inventory
Please fill out to the best of your abilities. If you can't think of what you like to explore then check out our website for ideas! sproutgifted.org/blog
First and Last Name
What is your favorite school subject? Why?
What topics do you "research" on your own?
What do you think/talk about when you are with your friends? Please be specific...List topics:)
What ideas do you have that you would like help exploring?
List five of your favorite books.
When you write, how does it make you feel?
Is there a specific project/ activity that you would like to try? (something you have heard about, seen on-line, etc..)
Is there an activity that you are have done in school that you really liked and you would like to do it at Sprout?
What are you an expert in that you could share with others?
What are your interests and hobbies?
Request an activity from arts to science to writing! Lots of possibilities
Tell us anything else about yourself!
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