Tampa Florida Organizing Intensive Registration, September 21-23
Building Florida Statewide Connections across place and issues, based in multiple frontlines across the Southern Peoples Initiative: (new economy/peoples democracy/protect&defend our communities).

* voter restoration, amendment 4 - center of bullseye about voter suppression and purges
* displacement of Puerto Ricans and Southern Floridians after storms and abandonment by federal government
* education/organizing on taking the offensive for healthcare for all! Medicare 4 All Campaign

Skills-Building for organizing and power building
* canvassing and community engagement
*facilitation skills - how to leverage specific positions/demands that can strategically move the whole

Please check out this link that gives real solid background on our work this summer: http://southtosouth.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/SMA-SynthesisActionPlan2018.pdf

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Housing Justice. If you are coming on Friday. SMA will email instructions to folks who request housing.
Inclusion and Accessibility. Please mark any accessibility support needed. (Organizers will contact those with highly specialized needs)
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