Wedding Inquiry: Sprinkled Confections
This form will help me determine availability within my schedule so please be sure to fill it out to the best of your ability. Please estimate closest to your RSVP count/Invites. Thank you so much for considering Sprinkled Confections to be part of your big day. The team can't wait to create for you.
Names of couple getting married
Wedding reception date
What time you think people will be arriving to reception location. (Cocktail hour prior?)
Reception location (name, city, state)
Describe your wedding ambiance-casual, traditional, modern, rustic, whimsical? Include your color scheme and flowers being used.
Please describe what you are wanting for a wedding cake design. (fondant, buttercream, 2 tier, 5 tier, fresh flowers, textures, colors, topper, etc....)
How many guests are you expecting to have in attendance?
Indicate what you are most interested in for your guests to enjoy as their dessert option.
Are there any special allergy issues that need to be accommodated?
Additional notes you would like to add....
I understand that Sprinkled Confections has an exclusivity clause and will be the only sweets provider at the venue unless discussed with Amy for approval ahead of time. This is a liability and insurance issue so please take this into consideration.
Clear selection
Response time for a wedding inquiry could take up to 10 days depending on the bakery schedule/season. Please be patient with the response time and I am so grateful to have you inquire with Sprinkled Confections!
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