Spiders Near Me Breeder Application
Spiders Near Me is the first spider breeder listing site in the UK. 

I built it so it's easier for spider enthusiasts to get connected with local sellers — especially smaller ones that might not have a web presence. 

We've just launched the site (click here) so I'm on the look-out for breeders to list, for free.

Fill out this form, leave an e-mail and I'll let you know once your listing is up!


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at josh@joshbe.me

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What's your email address? *
I'll use this if I need to get in touch to clarify any details, and to let you know where to find your listing.
What are you called? *
I'm looking for a shop name here, for example "Red Footers Cambridge".
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What town/city are you located in? *
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How can people get in touch with you? *
If applicable, please provide your phone number, e-mail address and website, and I'll put these on your listing.
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Tell me about your shop *
Write a short bio about you and your shop. This will be shown in the "About" panel.
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What do you normally sell? *
Tell the types of critters and products you normally sell. For example, jumping spiders, live feed and enclosures. 

Don't worry if any is out of stock right now - just tell me what you would normally sell.
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Do you do Delivery, Collection, or both? *
Where can I find an image for your listing? *
I'll need a nice image for your listing. It will be shown as the cover image and in the search results.

Please put in a link, or e-mail me the image separately to josh@joshbe.me
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Any other details you'd like me to know?
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