Master's National Boat Rental Form
Please fill out this form so we can finalize boat needs and match needs with equipment. Boats will be supplied with oars unless noted. Boat Rental : The boat rental service will be provided and boats will be available for reservation using this form. The cost will be determined at a later date but will be approximately $35 per seat. All reservations must be requested before midnight on Sunday, July 29, 2018 to allow adequate time to secure boats and coordinate boat rentals. After this date, bookings will be subject to availability and other solutions may be proposed. The rental committee will confirm with you your needs and your options with you as soon as they can.
contact for boat Rentals:
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E-mail for the main Contact for the rental, please note most information will happen via e-mail, please make sure you list an e-mail you will check.
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PR2 Mens Masters 2x
PR3 Womens Masters Inclusive 2x
PR3 Mens Masters 1x
Mixed B 4+
Mixed D 2x
Mixed F 2x
Mens Open A 1x
Womens Open AA 1x
Mens Open C 4+
Womens Open C 8+
Mens Open E 1x
Womens Open E 2x
Mens Open G 2x
Womens Ltwt D-K 4x
Womens Club C 4x
Mixed F-K 8+
Womens Ltwt C 4+
Mens Open AA 4+
Mens Open B 2-
Womens Ltwt B 1x
Mens Open D 2-
Womens Club D 8+
Mens Ltwt F 2x
Womens Open G-K 4+
Mens Open H 2x
Womens Open D-K 2-
Mixed E 4x
Mens Ltwt A-C 4x
Womens Open AA-B 4-
Mixed D 8+
Mens Club A 4+
Womens Club A 4+
Mens Open C 4x
Womens Open C 4x
Mens Open E 2-
Womens Open F 4+
Womens Ltwt E 1x
Mens Open F-K 8+
Womens Club B 4x
Mens Ltwt D-K 4x
Mens Open AA-A 4x
Womens Open AA-A 4x
Mens Ltwt B 1x
Womens Open B 8+
Mens Open D 1x
Womens Open D 2x
Mens Open F 1x
Womens Open F 2x
Mens Open I 1x
Mixed A 4+
Mixed C 4+
Mens Club E-K 8+
Parent Child, M/S, F/D 2x
PR2 Mixed Masters 2x
PR3 Womens Masters 1x
PR3 Mens Masters Inclusive 2x
Mixed E 4+
Mixed C 2x
Mixed A 2x
Mens Open I-K 2x
Womens Open F 1x
Mens Ltwt F 1x
Womens Open D 8+
Mens Ltwt D 1x
Womens Open B 2x
Mens Open B 4+
Womens Ltwt A 4+
Mens Ltwt A-C 4+
Womens Ltwt E-K 4+
Mens Club D 8+
Mens Ltwt G 1x
Womens Club E-K 4x
Mens Open E 4x
Womens Club C 4+
Mens Club C 4+
Womens Open AA 2x
Mens Open A 8+
Womens Club B 8+
Men's Open B 4x
Womens Open D-K 4-
Mens Club E 4+
Womens Ltwt C 2x
Mens Ltwt H-K 2x
Womens Ltwt F-K 1x
Mens Open F 2-
Womens Ltwt D 1x
Mens Ltwt D 2x
Womens Ltwt B 2x
Mens Ltwt B 2x
Womens Open AA-A 2-
Mens Open AA 2x
Womens Ltwt E 2x
Mixed F-K 4+
Womens Open G-K 1x
Mens Open G-K 4x
Womens Open E 1x
Mens Ltwt E 1x
Womens Open C 4+
Mens Open C 1x
Womens Open A 2x
Mens Open A 2x
Mens Open E-F 4-
Mens Open D 4-
Mixed B 8+
Parent/Child F/S 2x
R1 Womens Masters 1x
PR1 Mens Masters 1x
PR2 Womens Masters Inclusive 2x
PR3 Mixed Masters Inclusive 4+
Mixed G 2x
Mixed E 8+
Mixed C 8+
Womens Open AA 4+
Mens Ltwt I-K 1x
Womens Club F-K 4+
Mens Open F 2x
Womens Open D 4+
Mens Open D 8+
Womens Club B 4+
Mens Open B 1x
Mixed A 4x
Mixed H-K 2x
Mens Club A-D 4x
Mens Ltwt G 2x
Womens Open E 4x
Mens Ltwt E 2x
Womens Ltwt C 1x
Mens Ltwt C 1x
Womens Open A 8+
Mens Open AA-A 2-
Womens Open B 2-
Mens Ltwt A 2x
Mens Open B-C 4-
Mens Open G-K 4-
Womens Open C 4-
Mens Ltwt H 1x
Womens Open F-K 8+
Mens Club F 4+
Womens Open D 4x
Mens Open D 4x
Womens Open B 1x
Mens Club B 4+
Mens Club D 4+
Womens Club A 4x
Womens Ltwt A 2x
Womens Club D 4x
Mens Open G-K 4+
Womens Open E 4+
Mens Open E 4+
Womens Open C 2x