Survey on Housing during the Pandemic
The Texas Tenants' Union is gathering information on tenants' experiences in rental housing since the start of the pandemic.
1. Please indicate how the pandemic has impacted your ability to pay rent.
2. If you have had trouble paying rent, please indicate the causes. You can check more than one answer.
3. Did you do any of the following to pay rent or try to pay rent? Please check all that apply.
4. If you requested rental assistance or tried to, please check all the boxes below that apply to you.
5. Did your landlord file for eviction in court?
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6. If you had an eviction case in court, did you have a lawyer represent you?
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7. What happened with your eviction case?
8. Did you sign the CDC declaration to try to stop the eviction?
9. Did any of the protections below help you?
10. What is your current housing situation?
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11. What city do you live in?
12. Would you like to share your story publicly or in a meeting, if an opportunity arises?
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If yes or maybe, please provide your name, and email or phone #.
Please add any additional information about your experiences as a tenant that you would like to share.
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