Drivers' Questionnaire
Note for Participants

This questionnaire includes 21 questions for professional drivers and has been designed to help us understand the drivers’ perspective towards autonomous driving in partner countries. If you know any stakeholders that you think would be willing to take part please feel free to approach them.

In order for you to get familiar with the terms used in the questionnaire, the following terms are of importance:
● Autonomous Driving/ Self-driving: means the autonomous driving of a vehicle to a specific target in real traffic without the intervention of a human driver
● Connected and Automated Vehicle: is defined as a vehicle that is capable of automated driving and connectivity with other vehicles, road users, the road infrastructure, and the cloud
● Autonomous Vehicle/ Autonomous Car: is a vehicle with the capability to drive partly or fully itself, with limited or no human intervention

We may need to follow up the results with further questions or input.

The results will be used to help develop Intellectual Output 1 of Steer to Career Project and will be published in the final report.
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