Democratic Ambassador Sign-up Form
COVID Connections is a program of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee to provide volunteers an opportunity to reach out to their neighbors, regardless of party affiliation or voting history, and provide support. Whether that's by running an errand, taking out the trash, or just chatting on the phone.

By signing up, you agree to approach every conversation with empathy and inclusivity at top of mind. These are NOT explicitly political calls, but a way for us to facilitate neighbors helping neighbors.

After signing up, you will be reached out to by a member of FCDC's leadership for a brief conversation.

If you get someone who needs an errand run, but you are unable to, please use this form:
Name *
Email *
Phone Number *
Type of Phone *
Address *
We ask this so that we can assign you calls in your neighborhood or nearby. This information will not be shared outside of FCDC.
Do you have access to a car? *
Are you willing to run errands for your neighbors? *
Are you willing to run errands for another Ambassador's neighbors? *
How far are you willing to travel for errands?
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Check the box below if you wish to only run errands. Note that there are often very few errand requests, but the team will reach out to you if there is one near you.
Are you a high school or college student looking for a remote internship?
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I commit to making at least 100 calls to the COVID Connection program. I will use this opportunity to reach out to my neighbors, provide support to those who need it, and in the event I cannot, to reach out to FCDC to help fulfill the needs of those affected by this crisis. *
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