Co-VID Student Support Network: New Brunswick Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in the Collaborative-Video Individualized Development Student Support Network (Co-VID SSN): New Brunswick!

We are community-based organization aimed at connecting university student "Peer Supporters" with K-12 students to help ease the burden on parents and educators in New Brunswick during the social distancing requirements arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-VID SSN: New Brunswick is a fully autonomous chapter of Co-VID Student Support Network Ltd., which was founded in March 2020 by a brother and sister team in Victoria BC.

In order to access a Peer Supporter via the Student Support Network, please complete this interest form. Once you have submitted this form, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to connect you with a Peer Supporter. All Peer Supporters are current university students who live, or attended high school, in New Brunswick and have been interviewed by Co-VID SSN: New Brunswick leadership. More details about our policies and safety measures can be found on the next page.

To further support our community, we encourage parents on an honour-system basis to donate ~$5 per group session and $5-10 per individual session to TBD NON-PROFIT, if you are financially able to do so. Donations can be made directly to the Fund, though we will provide a form for you to share evidence of your donation so that we can track our program's impact.

For more information about Co-VID SSN: New Brunswick, please see our website:

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email us at
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