Chirpped Challenge Registration - DUE by Fri, March 30 at Midnight
Do you love to cook? Do you have a favorite recipe that uses flour? Are you ready to challenge yourself to use cricket flour, the most sustainable protein on the planet?

Not sure? Directions for chefs: Using cricket flour is pretty simple. Just replace 15-20% of the normal flour with cricket powder. That means if there are normally 1 cup of flour, instead you would use .2 cups cricket flour and .8 cups normal flour.

If yes, submit your recipe here to be considered for the Chirpped Challenge, an opportunity to win $500, have your recipe included in Shark Tank winning Six Foods cookbook, and have your dish featured in Collins!

The Chirpped Challenge will take place in Collins Dining Hall on April 5th from 5-7 pm! The first 8 teams to submit this form will be entered into the competition.

Please fill out your team's contact details below, and indicate which ingredients and cooking utensils (bowls, pans, measuring spoons etc.) you will require, we will provide it all!

Here are things you must consider before submitting your recipe:

1) You must be able to make your dish using either a portable camp stove, a toaster oven, or a microwave.
2) You will have 60 minutes to cook.
3) You will make 4 dishes/servings of your recipe.
4) You can compete in teams of 1-3 members (at least half of your team must be from CMC)
5) There will be NO electrical appliances available (mixers, food processors, blenders, ovens).
6) You will need to arrive at Collins at 4:30p to set up your cooking station.
7) People with shellfish allergies may also be allergic to crickets and other insects.
8) Each team only need to fill out one application form
9) PLEASE NOTE that if your team is entered into the competition and does not show up, or cancel by Monday April 2nd at midnight your team will be charged $25

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Thanks for applying! There is limited space, so not every submission will be accepted. You will be informed by Sunday, April 1 if your recipe has been selected.
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