Why Training is Important?

The digital device industry (Computers & Communication Devices) is evolving very quickly. To stay current on the latest devices and the proper techniques for acquiring and analyzing data, specialized training courses are becoming more and more necessary. These courses aren’t limited to law enforcement officers only but are also required by those professionals who work in IT and believe corporate information may have been compromised by an employee or those proactively looking to secure a device and network.

There are many training courses currently available in market. For example, most vendors offer vendor-specific courses for their tool-kits or solutions promoted by them. While these courses are valuable, they are limited as participants only learn how the vendor’s toolkit/software works. We at 3rd Eye Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd provide Vendor-neutral training courses, where we teach digital forensic examiners, law enforcement officers, and information security professionals how to conduct systematic analysis from forensic acquisition to reporting using the best tools available which are Open Source as well as Commercial. We help participants to learn that which tool is best under presented situation for obtaining maximum intelligence from the computational device in question with minimum investment of time, money and human resource.

When considering training courses, advanced investigators should look for those that offer deep dive analysis rather than click button forensics; which is simply clicking a button and getting all the answers. While click button forensics can get some of the data, deep dive analysis is necessary to recover data that a tool misses or require you to be a specialist.
Our courses are available for not only the new professionals entering into the field but also for them who are experienced with similar technologies.

We offer various courses in the area of Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations. Kindly fill below form to understand your training requirements and server you in a better way.

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Digital Incident Response and On Scene Triage (3 Days):- This course enables participants to learn the processes involved in responding to a digital incident by accessing the exhibits, acquiring the forensic images from dead and running devices for further investigations. It also enables to locate the evidence which is of interest to the investigator so that they can seize the correct exhibit and ignore the rest.
Disk Forensics (4 Days) :- This course enables the participants to perform in depth analysis of forensic images acquired for various information or artifacts needed by the investigating officer for successful conviction.
Communication and Navigation Device Forensics (3 Days):- This course enables the participants to perform logical, file system & physical acquisition of data from SIM Cards, Feature Phones, Smart Phones and GPS navigation devices.
Intelligence Collection, Collation, Analysis and Dissemination (5 Days - Law Enforcement only):- This course enables the participants to collect information from various sources structured and non-structured and then collating this information and generating actionable intelligence by analysis which can be distributed to operations team for timely action in proactive manner.
Telecommunication Log Analytics (3 Days - Law Enforcement only):-This course enables participants to process the structured telecommunication logs from Service Providers to extract actionable intelligence in terms of Associations and Geographical Intelligence.
Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations for Working Professionals (96 Hours | 3 Months | Each Saturday ) :- This course is designed for working professionals like Law Enforcement Officers, Students, Lawyers and Corporate IT & Legal Teams to acquire new skills of Cyber Forensics & Digital Investigations in to their knowledgebase while doing their “DUTY or JOB”
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