Registration for Barry Melrose Place NHL94 Tournament, 2-23-2019 held at Edge VR Arcade in Green Bay, WI, Also registration for Tecmo Super Bowl February 2-22-2019
Event details:
An NHL '94 tournament on Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Compete for cash prizes, and retro themed hockey giveaways, in an attempt to hoist Lord Manly's Cup as the supreme NHL '94 champion! A Tecmo Super Bowl tournament is also being held the day before February 22nd at 7PM, also at the Edge VR Arcade. Details to sign up for one or both events are listed on this form.

Barry Melrose Place: February 23th, 2018 at 10AM
Event Address: Edge VR Arcade 2642 Packerland Drive Suite 1
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54313
Send event questions to or call 920-246-7513

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