UB GIS Day 2020 Map Poster Submission Form
UB students are invited to submit an original map to be included in our annual competition.

- Open to students from any UB department or school
- Map may be created using GIS, but a static map must be submitted for consideration
- Please note there is no theme for this competition. Mapmakers may submit maps from previous or current courses, or create a new map.

Please send your map as a PDF to kf43@buffalo.edu following completion of the form.
Consent to Participate
Your submission and identifying information including your name, department and anticipated date of graduation will be shared with competition judges. Judges may include members of the WNY GIS Users Group (http://wnygis.org/) and UB faculty.
Please affirm you give permission to share this information with the judges. In order to be participate, you must select Yes. *
Student Information
Name *
What is your UB email address? *
What UB department, program or school are you studying with? *
What is your anticipated graduation date? *
Map Submission
What is your map or project title? *
Is this map the result of work for a past or current class? *
If there is anything else you would like to share about the creation of this map, please do so here. Examples of additional information include statement of problem investigated, software used, source of data, areas for further research, etc.
Would you like your email address shared with judges so they may contact you with questions about your project? Please note: You do not need to share your contact information in order to participate. *
Joining us for GIS Day?
Join us for a virtual GIS Day celebration on November 18, 2020, 11:15am-2:30pm. Learn about the many ways our community is using GIS for research, and network with local GIS professionals.

Email the Geography librarian at kf43@buffalo.edu for a complete schedule and a Zoom invite.
Do you plan to attend the virtual GIS Day celebration? Please note you do not need to attend in order to participate in the contest.
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