Central Illinois Farm Beginnings Survey
Central Illinois Farm Beginnings is a farmer training model that is community-based, rooted in sustainable principles, and farmer-led. The program guides farmers in whole-farm planning, helping farmers set goals and develop a farm business plan. The program includes a series of in-person workshops, field days, and also pairs each farmer (or farm family) with a mentor farmer to provide advice and work with in addressing individual challenges. This survey is intended to help us determine how to tailor the program for those wishing to enroll, as well as understand the barriers to accessing the program. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Please share with other members of your farming community.
How long have you been farming?
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Central Illinois Farm Beginnings (CIFB) has traditionally required a commitment of: 6-8, in-person, all-day (5-7 hours) training sessions; three field days; and a required mentorship component. If the course were offered in this format, would you be interested in enrolling?
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If the course were adjusted to shift the majority of the business training components online, would you be more interested in participating?
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Traditionally, CIFB has been offered in the Champaign, IL area. However, there may be greater need in other areas of central Illinois. Where would you most like to see this course offered?
Traditionally, CIFB has been tailored for small-scale, specialty crop producers, that have been farming for 3-5 years. The following questions will help us to determine if the course should be adjusted to better meet the needs of our farming community.
What are the primary farm products that you sell? (select all that apply)
How many acres do you farm?
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Which of the following describes your farm ground?(select all that apply)
Is there anything else you would like to share to help us improve Central Illinois Farm Beginnings?
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