Active Minds Speak Out for Mental Health Submission Form
Active Minds at Emory invites you to share your experiences regarding mental health challenges, stigma, and recovery in a safe and supportive environment. We believe that sharing these stories helps promote awareness and reduce the stigmatization of mental disorders. In addition, we believe it will be empowering for both the speakers and the listeners, who will learn that such challenges are not insurmountable and that recovery is possible. You are welcome to share your own story, read a peer’s story, and/or have a peer read yours. Stories can also be about a friend, family member, or loved one's experience that had an impact on you. Please contact Taylor Schaetzle at if you have any questions!

The Speak Out will take place on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20TH at 7:00 PM in White Hall 101. Please submit this form by 11:59 PM ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH!

Tips for sharing your story:

1. Do talk about what helped you when you were struggling.

2. Don't share means or methods of self-harm when talking about suicide. Leave those details out.

3. Leave out specifics when talking about medication, whether talking about what did or did not work. Medication is different for everyone. Avoid sharing specific doses or naming specific types.

4. Share concrete ways that friends and loved ones helped you or could have helped you so audience members learn ways they can be there for their loved ones.

5. Don't share details when talking about unhealthy coping mechanisms (e.g. methods of self-harm, specifics of substance abuse). You don't want to appear to model or promote these behaviors.

6. When addressing eating disorders, avoid naming specific weights or eating and purging rituals as these can be triggering for those who are struggling.

7. If you are talking about a loved one who died by suicide, try to avoid describing them as "in a better place" now.

~Thank you for sharing your story!~
The Speak Out will take place on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20TH at 7:00 PM White Hall 101. Please submit this form by 11:59PM ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH!
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Thank you! We hope to see you on Monday, November 20th at 7:00 PM in White Hall 101!
Please email Taylor Schaetzle at if you have any further questions.
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