KCDA Election Ballot - 2021
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I vote to accept all proposed changes to the KCDA Constitution and By-Laws. (You may vote for once for changes in Row 1, or vote for each change individually in Rows 2-12)
Accept all Changes
Const. Art. II - Updates purposes to match ACDA
Const. Art. IV - Updates title for area chairs (as per ACDA)
Const. Art. V - Adds use of electronic ballots and adjusts terms
Const. Art. VI - Updates titles and job descriptions
Const. Art. X - Adds use of electronic ballots, communication
Bylaw Art. I - Updates membership classifications (required by ACDA)
Bylaw Art. VII - Adjusts term of President-Elect
Bylaw Art. VIII - Adjusts board titles, positions
Bylaw Art. IX - Updates timeline for KCDA elections
Bylaw Art. X - Removes unnecessary clause
Bylaw Art. XIII - Adds use of electronic ballots
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