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4. Have you ever been #1 at something? What? *
5. What are your favorite hobbies? *
6. How will you evaluate your success in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? *
7. How would you start building a network in tech and venture? *
8. How do you identify whether someone is highly talented? *
9. What is a tech product you love to use? 1 for work and 1 for play *
10. What about RSV makes you think you are the right fit for our firm? *
11. Name 1 company in RSV's portfolio you are most excited about and 1 company you don't love. Explain why. *
12. What is a tech trend you find exciting and why? *
13. What is an industry you think is ready to be disrupted by technology? Explain why. *
14. What are two early stage companies (that have raised more than $3M) you find exciting and why? *
15. What seed stage company should Red Sea Ventures evaluate for investment (raised less than $1M total) and why do you find it interesting? *
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