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Work-Life Management and CSR in the finance sector: a training path to incentivize the social dialogue at company and European level. Focus on Professionals and Managers' - VS/2016/0394
1. What are the personal needs you have to balance with your working time at the moment? (Max 2 responses allowed) *
2. Do you manage to meet them? *
3. What types of work-life initiatives does your company currently provide? (multiple responses allowed) *
4. Are you currently using or will you use in the near future any of the work-life initiatives provided by your employer? *
4.1 If the answer is no, why? (Max 3 responses allowed)
5. Do you use technology or mobile devices for working after office hours or outside of the office? (Mobile devices are smartphones, company intranet, tablet, personal computers etc.). *
6. Do you think the use of mobile devices for work outside the office has a positive, negative or neutral effect on your work-life management? Please choose 1 statement that most accurately describes your view. *
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