2018 Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Music Camp
Presented by The Roberto Ocasio Foundation

For Middle and High School Music Students Grades 8-12 (incl current grads)
Percussion, brass, woodwinds and all instruments (piano, guitar, cuatro & tres, bass, violin, etc); drumset; Afro-Cuban percussion (congas, timbales, bongo, auxiliary percussion, etc);
Brasilian percussion (surdo, repiñique, ganza, agogo, etc)

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*PLEASE NOTE: This form requires a YouTube link to an audition video to be completed. It is best to have that ready before starting to fill out the following form.
For more info visit the Audition page at
Final Application Deadline May 1
Camp is subject to cancellation if required
30 minimum enrollment is not met by May 1.
Video Audition Recording Required – Deadline May 1

Note: Limited Financial Assistance for Qualifying Students
Call Bev Montie, 440.572.2048 for Approval to Apply
Required: Completed Financial Assistance Application Form, $50 Deposit, and Copy of current IRS Federal Tax Return
Application Deadline April 1

Payment Options
VIsit for full options and link to online payment options after forms are submitted.
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Placement level of students will be based on audition recordings, background information, references submitted with this form, and by evaluation the first day of Camp.
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*Please note
The overall camp experience is intended to build skill, with focus on students’ primary instruments, in the type of music being learned and played. Students will receive instruction on their primary instruments in keeping with the curriculum and programming developed by the Artist-In-Residence/Artistic Director, Bobby Sanabria. Attention to students' secondary instruments (if students choose to bring them to Camp) may also be included as applicable. Mr. Sanabria will determine personnel and instrumentation for ensemble performances, including the public recital concert. While every effort will be made to utilize students’ primary instruments or instruments of choice, students may be assigned to perform on their secondary instruments (as are professionals in real life); for instance, to fill out sections adequately or to comprise the overall sound of the large concert ensemble, to fill a solo spot, etc. (or all of the above).
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The Roberto Ocasio Foundation and The Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Music Camp do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or political affiliation in the admission of students, or their participation in the music education programs, activities, financial aid, or employment.
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