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If your group is a member supported or volunteer organization, please use this form to apply for special rates.

Tell us how you are using Loomio (or intending to). This will allow us to get to know you better, so we can provide you with a great service and enable you to create even more of an impact. We will not publicly share any information provided in this form without seeking your permission.

At completion of the form, you will receive coupon codes for the following special prices:

Small (up to 50 people) at $US 98.00 per year
Medium (up to 500 people) at $US 149.00 per year
More than 500 people? Let us know

Is your organization eligible?

Volunteer and member organizations are supported by members giving their time to achieve the organization’s purpose. They have limited funds provided by members or donations, do not pay staff salaries nor generate income from commercial operations.

Member supported organizations include community and activist organizations, collectives, sports and other clubs, and spiritual groups.

We look forward to helping you make even more of a difference!

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