Phoenix Rising: Shadow Work Immersion Intake
Cultivate Your Next Level Of Success And Profound Purpose Is Calling You To Make A Greater Impact For Yourself And Others.

Whether you want to up level personally or professionally.
This program will help you dissolve confusion, negative self-talk, self-sabotage, shame, grief, stress and unresolved experiences that create limitations in every area of life.
You will breakthrough limiting beliefs, barriers, and challenges with a new found level of personal power and clarity to enrich every area of your life.

Master the limitless power of your energy and shadows, let them work miracles in your life and business.

Say yes to this unique self-discovery system that Tamara curates into a personal journey and step-by-step process towards personal mastery.  
This robust program infuses combined elements of depth shadow work, advanced yoga psychology, spiritual neuroscience, mindfulness, bio-feedback, attunements, energetic clearing, somatic movement, breathwork, and is paired with EMBODIMENT practice prescriptions through movement & yoga flows, advanced gene key and key shadow explorations, high frequency energetic & chakra shadow healing meditations along with Tamara's custom curated mantras & mudras to Master the Energetics of Personal & Rapid Growth and Change.
If you're ready for a deeply personalized and masterful level of transformation then INTEGRATION is for you.
This journey was designed to create a rich soulful healing transformation while inviting immense expansion into greater joys within yourself. Don't miss out - apply now and start growing towards becoming the fullest version of YOU today!

Please note all sessions are via zoom with Telegram support on opposite weeks.
Distant/Virtual - Conducted via zoom

Mentorship cost: $22k: Mentorship proceeds once program is paid in full.
Payment options available.

Private Mentorship with Tamara includes:
1-Golden Path Blueprint & Integration Support: mapping your gifts, shadows, and challenges
12 - 6-months of bi-weekly Live INTEGRATION sessions: depth shadow work
6 - Personalized Embodiment & Practice Building Prescriptions 
6- Attunements Ceremonies: Including A Personalized High Heart Activation Attunement & Sacred Soul Mantra Energetic Embodiment Ceremony. One per month
2- Remote Advanced AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Activations: Dropping Density, 7-Day Subtle Body Balancing, Karmic Clearing & Epi-genetic Activation. One per quarter.
2 -Telegram mentor check in & support sessions per month on opposite weeks of live sessions.
Need to chat about the program, fill out the form in full and then select: schedule an exploratory call.

Tamara Gold, Grandmaster, Mentor, Neuro Coach, Shadow Work Specialist

Please note the difference between coaching and mentorship. This is not a coaching package. This requires the application to be self-driven and prepared to digest and integrate feedback. 

Mentorship and coaching are both forms of professional development and support, but they differ in their focus and approach.

*Coaching is a process that helps an individual achieve specific goals and objectives, typically related to their personal or professional development. Coaches work with clients to identify areas of improvement, set goals, and develop action plans to achieve those goals. Coaching is typically more goal-oriented, and the coach's role is to provide guidance, support, and accountability as the client works towards their objectives.

Mentorship, on the other hand, is a higher level of integration, a more immersive and long-term relationship that focuses on the overall development of the mentee. The mentor's role is to share their knowledge and experience to help you create acceleration, provide feedback, and offer support and advice as the mentee navigates their life/work.

Mentorship is generally more immersive, intuitive, and less "content-focused" than coaching. The mentor's role is to act as a guide and advisor, rather than a teacher or trainer. The relationship is more personal and less formal than coaching, and the focus is on the mentee's overall development and growth rather than specific goals or objectives.

Mentorship is a deeper invesment than coaching, as it typically involves a longer-term commitment and a more comprehensive and immersive approach to development.

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This Immersion reveals the true underlying, often hidden, causes of disease- Shadows, Trauma, and physiological imbalance. By drawing upon these factors, this 1:1 immersion become completely customized to your needs. Regardless if your concerns are health, relationship, professional, or financially related please share with me IN DETAIL what are your three biggest concerns/key complaints? And what one is your KEY concern now? *
If this was not addressed in the answer to the last question, how is your key concerns/ issue showing up in your body and/or how is it disrupting your life, relationships, stress levels, etc? Be specific  *
What do you catch yourself thinking or saying to yourself about this issue? What pain is it causing in your daily life? Be specific with examples. *
What is your current stress, grief or frustration levels on a scale of 1-10? And for how long has it been at this level?  What symptom's, if any, are you experiencing? *
What have you done so for or what do you do to address your stress/frustration/grief or any other issues?  *
Why is now the perfect moment to work on this?  *
Do you currently take any meditation, or have any current medical conditions or head injuries
Do you currently have any medical conditions or disease that you are managing? If so, what is the condition, treatment plan, and meditations if any? Is the treatment plan working? If there is a a deficit, what are your key frustrations or concerns right now?  *
What emotions/conditions do you struggle with?  *
My family Stress is: *
My relationship stress is: *
My work-professional life stress is: *
My work- life balance stress is: *
My health stress is: *
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If your stress levels are moderate to sever in the last few questions, please give me details to the source of stress?  *
Why now?  *
How did you find Tamara, why is she the right guide for you at this time in your life? *
I work with an aligned and fully committed principle. So please understand that that the approval of your application will depend on availability and if I feel a great synergy between you, me, and your commitment to this work. All this being said, if you are ready to completely transform your life, fully and openheartedly invest the time and energy for your next level of expansion, please do apply. (Serious inquiries only). I cannot be more dedicated to your path than you! You must put in the work to create the change and make it a priority in your life. No excuses. Please share with me how you will build out time dedicated to implementation of your  shadow work and personal development journey with me. I'm already excited you made it this far!  *
I'm obsessed with helping clients achieve embodiment of their dreams and highest self-expression.  What is the vision that you have for your life in the next 90 days?  What does your ideal life look like. I'm looking for an in depth answer here. Paint a picture, what do you want to create for yourself. Help me understand this: using specifics, share an ideal day, tell me what you feel now and what you want to feel then, etc. *
Thank you for your application, we will review each application in 72 hours. This helps us maintain the quality of this integrative coaching container and to be sure this experience is a great fit for both of us. If accepted, Tamara will send you an email invitation for a 15-min onboarding call to answer any questions, set up your payment, and schedule all of your coaching calls.  *
If you need to be coached through this investment, then my container is not the best fit for you. Are you read to invest in this 1:1 transformational coaching immersion? *
This is a holistic container. Your health matters. 
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