The B2B Spotlight
Do you have an amazing business pal who deserves a spotlight on their efforts? Or perhaps there's a company that you really admire? Nominate them for the B2B spotlight!

If you've recently seen an amazing speaker, participated in a great workshop, or worked with a great freelancer or company? Nominate them!

Read a fantastic business book from a new author? Nominate them!

See a professional or company rocking it in their marketing? Nominate them!

We'll select a maximum of 10 nominations per episode of the Defiant Business Show, which is a bi-weekly TV show broadcast on Roku and Amazon Fire TV by the Paradigm TV Network.

We'll let your business pal know that they've been nominated, but we won't tell them it was you! We'll let that surprise unveil itself during the episode!

Spotlight nominations need to include a short 30-second video submission recorded vertically on your phone or landscape on your desktop or laptop. Link is at the end of the form.
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Use this link to submit your video. Remember you have 30-seconds! You can record on your phone or computer!
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