2021 Speaker Application
ISS is seeking qualified conference speakers for the 2021 Proposed Hybrid SUMMIT (October 25-29). The weeklong conference holds many opportunities Monday through Friday in Information Security, technology, risk management, innovation, compliance, IT job development, policy and awareness, IT governance, law, and audit. If your submission is approved, our planning committee will notify you of your scheduled day, time, and confirm your availability. If you are interested in presenting, please fill out the form below.

All Information Security SUMMIT submissions are due by Wednesday, June 30th, 2021. If approved as a presenter, your three-day ISS admission is complimentary. You may submit as many presentations for consideration as you wish, but please only one submission per form.

All timeslots (Keynotes & Sessions) are 55 minutes. Please ensure your presentation, including Q&A, will fit in a 55-minute time slot.

Information Security Summit is a 501c6 organization formed by Gary Sheehan and Glenn Brzuziewski in 2002 to provide collaborative support and training to IT and security professionals in Northeast Ohio. Now in its 19th year, ISS has expanded its mission to include certification programs, job development, career advancement, and support of other like-minded advocacy organizations.

Visit our website www.informationsecuritysummit.org for more information.
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