2020-2021 LEV Academy Registration Form
Please complete the registration form for any current child in LEV Academy who will be enrolled for the 2020 - 2021 school year. In order for your child to be assigned to his/her class, we MUST have a registration form submitted. In order for us to properly invoice you, we must have your registration forms by no later than May 22, 2020.

Please note: We are hopeful to be able to open the building to our families, members and students in the fall of 2020. However, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working in parallel to be able to continue to provide our students with a high quality, content rich, interactive, virtual program that is taught via multiple platforms (Zoom meetings, FaceTime/WhatsApp and Conference Calls). Weekly classes in both Hebrew Language, Judaic studies and music will be taught along with school wide events for holidays and special occasions and virtual Shabbat services held on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Nothing replaces face-to-face education, communication and socialization between our students and staff, but we are dealing with this unprecedented event the very best way we know how. We are constantly researching and training our staff on the latest in on-line learning applications and techniques and bringing what we learn to our virtual classrooms.

Providing your child(ren) with the best Hebrew school education is a goal we aim to achieve every year, inclusive of this year. Communication, support and participation ensures that we can teach all our students properly, handle individual learning styles and provide interactive, enriching lessons and program.

We hope you will continue to allow LEV Academy @ Perrineville Jewish Center to be your and your child's Jewish home in the coming year. Our staff is willing, able and excited to continue to teach your children.

Thank you,
Inbar Robbins
Education & Program Director
LEV Academy@ Perrineville Jewish Center
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Parent/Student Expectations
By registering my child at the LEV Academy I agree that my child will participate in all family services and other activities held by LEV Academy at Perrineville Jewish Center. Students are required to attend LEV Academy regularly. Excessive absences and early dismissals not discussed with the Director or teachers will affect a student’s promotion. A student who is absent is required to complete all missed class work. If a child misses a family service, they are expected to make it up on another Friday night or Saturday morning. Service attendance requirements are as follows:

Aleph-Bet Classes – 5 Services a year
Gimmel Class – 7 Services a year
Daled Class – 9 Services a year
Hey Class – minimum of 2 Services per month

Each student's class is expected to participate in scheduled family services in which that class leads the service. In addition, they are expected to sponsor the Oneg and/or Kiddush by contributing to the Kiddush Fund at the start of the school year . Regardless of whether the student can be present for the service, the Kiddsh Fund fees are still expected to be provided.

If a child fails to attend the required number of services, LEV Academy/PJC reserves the right to withhold that child’s promotion to the next grade as well as Bar/Bat Mitzvah date until such time as the requisite service credits are met.

If a child loses a class book, they must replace it by purchasing another book through the LEV Academy.

The LEV Academy Student Handbook will be provided to all parents and students at a mandatory parent meeting prior to or on the first day of school. The Handbook provides pertinent information for making LEV Academy a successful and rewarding experience for both parent and child.

Student Behavior – A disciplinary procedure is in place and will be followed. It is the policy of the LEV Academy to expect that all students maintain a satisfactory level of citizenship, proper behavior and respect toward clergy, staff and other students. Bullying will not be tolerated. The disciplinary policy is as follows:

First Offense: When a teacher feels that a child’s behavior is inappropriate and a hindrance to teaching the rest of the class, the child will be removed from the classroom. After a discussion among the teacher and student, the student will be allowed to return to class.

Second Offense: If the same student continues to misbehave in any manner, or if the behavior becomes worse, the child will again be removed from the class and sent to the Principal’s office. Following a discussion with the Director, teacher and student, the parents will be contacted and advised of the situation.

Third Offense: Should the behavior persist, the child will again be removed from the classroom and the parents contacted and asked to pick him/her up from Hebrew School. The parents will then meet with the Rabbi and Director to discuss the situation and come to a mutual solution to the problem. The student will NOT be allowed to progress to the next grade if discipline issues cannot be resolved.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons – All students who are to be Bar/Bat Mitzvah’d at the synagogue are to observe the following:

• All religious services will be held at Perrineville Jewish Center.
• All preparation lesson days and times will be given at the discretion of the Rabbi. Lessons will begin NO EARLIER than
6 months prior to the Mitzvah date (exceptions apply).
• All Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates and changes to dates must be presented and discussed with the Director and approved by
the Rabbi.
• Attendance at all services for further preparation are mandatory. Students who do not fulfill this requirement will not
be sufficiently prepared and will not be allowed to lead services for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
• Lessons will NOT take place during Hebrew School hours.
• Your child’s lesson time is reserved strictly for them. It is your and your child’s responsibility to adhere to this schedule. If you are unable to attend at your scheduled time, you MUST contact the Rabbi in a timely manner to advise him of this. He can be reached at (732) 804-8969 (cell), 732-792-6143 (home) or via email at sschevelow@aol.com.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in dismissal from the program. Dismissal from the program forfeits all monies paid to LEV Academy/PJC. Cooperation in these matters brings a more productive and unified environment. Questions regarding Hebrew School may be addressed by Inbar Robbins, Director, at pjchebrewschool@gmail.com

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