Lancer Dancer 2020 Tryout Contract
Please fill out this form to the best of your ability and submit no later than Wednesday, July 1st. The Lancer Dancer Constitution and Pre-tryout Slide Show can be found at Please email if you have any questions. Thanks!
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My parent(s) and I have read the Lancer Dancer Team Constitution and understand all of the requirements (including time commitment and financial expectations) associated with participating in the program. We accept these terms and conditions, and if I make the team I will commit to this program, which includes participating in all performances, events and competitions. I will come to class each time, dressed appropriately and ready to work. I will dedicate myself to my team by working hard, keeping a positive attitude, and showing kindness and respect at all times. *
My parent(s) and I have viewed the Pre-tryout slide show and understand this year's unique tryout process. I know that I am responsible for learning the tryout routine and technical skills on my own time once the videos have been posted. *
I cannot guarantee you will receive your preferred time, but please indicate if you have a have a preference for our July 13th clinic time slots: *
First and last name
Due to Covid-19 I understand that our normal events and activities could change at any moment, but I am still committed to being a part of the team no matter what the year looks like. *
Thank you for filling out your Tryout Contract!
Please remember to complete the rest of your pre-tryout:
-View pre-tryout slideshow
-Read Lancer Dancer Team Constitution
-Fill out Tryout Application
-Fill out Written Interview
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