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The vision of this pillar is to provide a World Class Logistics service by leading the entire supply chain in order to optimize transportation, inventories, plant space and minimum material handling. *
For this pillar is Not important to: Reduce Lead Time, Minimize material handling and Delivery material in Golden/Strike Zone deliveries *
This pillar works closely with CD, PD, WO and AM and focus all efforts to reduce logistic losses *
One of the major activities of this pillar is to create flow. *
One piece flow is not important for this pillar. *
Inventory, Transportation and Material Handling are the main losses on Logistics Pillar. *
Plan for every part and material classification are done as part of step 1. *
B parts has the highest cost on material calcification *
On material classification the goal is to reach score 5. *
VSM helps to identified improvement opportunities and also supports logistics cost deployment. *
5T's it's a most on LO pillar *
Kiting is one of the 5 methods to supply material to the work station *
Attack logistics NVAA is also important on this pillar including the 3M's *
Step 3 works with external logistics to opportunities on transportation savings *
Reducing CO2 is also an important KPI on this pillar *
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