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Which Library programs do you attend?
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Do you experience any barriers in accessing the Library building, programs or services? Please explain.  *
If you indicated yes to the question above, please describe the barriers you are facing. 
Which tangible Library services do you use?  *
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Overall how would you rate the Library?
Have you visited the StoryStroll?

- The StoryStroll is located along the walking path beginning on the North 3rd East & McMurtrey road side near Legacy Park.

Each story features a special community guest narrator recording accessible through a posted QR code for each page. Anyone with a smart phone or tablet can scan it and hear the narration. 

Stories are changed out the first Monday of each month. Hidden within the StoryStroll is a QR code to scan for a chance to win a copy of the story for that month.   
Are you aware that your Library now participates in the LYNX Courier System?

- The Courier System allows patrons access to over 2 million items from the LYNX Consortium. 

The patron places a hold on an item. The hold is then filled by any of the LYNX Libraries and the item is delivered to the Mountain Home Public Library within 1-3 business days. 

Patrons then return the items to MHPL and we take care of sending the item back through the Courier. 

Patrons may also check an item out from any LYNX Library and return it to MHPL. 
How likely are you to use the Courier Service in the next 6 months? *
Do you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for us? Please let us know below. 

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