2019 Chicagoland Tour de Cure COMMUNICATIONS TEAM Registration
Sunday, June 2nd, 2019
Start/Finish at RiverEdge Park, Aurora, IL.
Event Hours are: 6:30AM to 4:00PM, though your actual shift may vary.

Communications Team Members working in the field will be loaned a Safety Vest and SAGs will be provided with a tote with supplies and route maps.

If you are bringing a friend or significant other (Ham or otherwise) with to help you at your position on the course; he or she is indeed very welcome, however that individual must register so that we are aware of who's out there. Please also include that information in the "Notes".


* Michael Johnson KC9QLT at kc9qlt@yahoo.com
* Christine Callison KC9WXK at kc9wxk@yahoo.com

Michael's Cell: 224-500-0376


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In the event of an emergency on the day of event; whom should we contact? (Someone other than who may be working with you)
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Preferred Assignment(s)
Please feel free to check as many positions that interest you in one or both sections. We will try to accommodate requests, but we do assignments based on the needs of the event; thus cannot guarantee any position. If you will be working a specialized position not listed; please select "Other" and enter the position(s) there.

Note that Call-Takers in the Command Center and Crossing Guards in the field, do not need an Amateur Radio License

Please note also that SAG Navigator positions are very limited and subject to availability of a SAG driver for you to ride with. If choosing a SAG Navigator position; when possible, please include the name the SAG driver with whom you would like to be paired.

Command Center
Please select as many items as you wish.
Course Support
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Support and Gear (SAG) Specific Questions
Bike Rack and APRS
SAG Drivers Only: Do you have a Bike Rack and if so; how many bicycles can you carry?
We may have a very limited number of bike racks available for loan on a first-come/first-served basis
Type of APRS
If you have more than one type; only use one at a time to avoid duplication in the Command Center.
If you use APRS, please provide us your SSID.
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What type of Equipment can you bring to the Event?
Radio(s) *
This helps us assign positions based on equipment that you can bring. Note that we will use both VHF & UHF on the course, so you must have the capability to run both.
What other equipment can you bring to event?
Do you have a mobile radio that can easily be made transportable?
At least 10 Watts w/mag mount antenna and a lighter adapter, etc. so that you can use it in an ADA supplied vehicle if necessary?
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T-Shirt Size *
Vests will be loaned to field personnel with the size will be determined by T-Shirt Size. If you opt not to receive a T-shirt, please select your size and advise that you are opting out in "Notes" below..
Optional: Club / Group Affiliation(s)
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Please advise if there are any notes specific to your preferences and/or assignment. Also please advise if you have any medical condition(s) that staff should be aware of.
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Survey Question:
Would you be interested in staying in the Aurora area on the night before if a block of rooms at a local hotel can be arranged at a discounted rate?
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