Climate in the Curriculum 2020
As OCS’s Climate in the Curriculum campaign continues into 2020, we’re looking for help from students and staff of all subjects! We're aiming to improve coverage of the climate crisis in as many curricula as possible.
Until this can be achieved, we need help in compiling alternative reading lists for all subjects so that anyone interested in the climate crisis can find information about it in regards to their subject.
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How you would briefly describe your department's stance on the climate crisis?
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Does your subject/department offer, or have they offered, any of the following teaching relating to climate change?
How could your department improve its coverage of climate change in the curriculum?
If you're aware of any documents (e.g. books, journals, etc) that would be suitable for a reading list for your subject, please add them below.
(Psst! you can also add them yourself here: )
The Curriculum team is building a community of department reps to better coordinate the campaign. Would you be interested in joining in the future?
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