Oasis@Bartlett Feedback Survey
Oasis is a future public arts park in the Roxbury!

Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation engaged with community about the design from 2018 - 2020 and hope to begin construction in 2022. We want to know your thoughts about how we can program and operate the space after it is built. The questions below will help us understand how the space can be an active and vibrant community gathering place for celebrating every season. The park will be neighborhood place to sit quietly and enjoy nature and the place for festivals, exhibitions, performances, and interactive participation, with a focus on supporting local artists, local audiences, and locally-based vendors.

For more information please visit https://www.oasisbartlett.com or contact oasisbartlett@gmail.com

Thank you for your feedback!
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Context photo / Location
2021 Rendering of Oasis @ Bartlett
What is your age? *
What is your relationship to Roxbury? Select all that apply. *
We hear from community meetings that this park needs to support local people, businesses and organizations. What does "local" mean to you? *
Many parks in Boston are open from sunrise to sunset. Given where the park is at what should the park hours be? *
How many weekends a month should the park be programmed with structured events? *
Are there specific artists whose work you would like to see featured at the park? Please list their names or social media handles below. *
We want to ensure park programming is affordable and accessible. What the most you would pay for a programmed event at this park? *
Did you attend programming (Sanative Festival) in 2021 at Bartlett? *
If you did, what did you think of the event(s)? What can be improved?
What social media platforms would be best to announce community events at the park in the future? *
Any other comments?
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