What do you think of WIN?
We're keen to hear your views on our journal, the World of Irish Nursing and Midwifery. Once the survey closes on 11th of January 2019, we'll choose one entry at random to win a €100 One4All voucher!

This survey is open to INMO members only and only INMO members can win. Names will not be matched with answers to questions - we only gather names and contact details to award the prize and verify membership.

Basic info
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Which of the following best reflects the kind of work you do?
Which age group are you in?
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You and WIN
Some questions about what you think of WIN.
Do you read WIN?
Which content do you usually read? (Tick all that apply)
What would you like to see more or less of in WIN?
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Proposed changes to WIN
At the last annual conference, a motion called for the INMO to cut the costs associated with WIN. The below questions are about how we can best do that.
There is a proposal to offer individual members the choice of either a print or digital edition of the magazine, which could reduce postage costs. Do you support this proposal?
There is also a proposal to reduce the number of issues from 10 to 8 per year to save on costs. Do you support this proposal?
If there was a choice, how would you prefer to receive WIN?
If digital or both, which would be the primary way you would read WIN?
Any other comments?
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That's all! Thank you for taking the time. Just click submit. If you have any comments, problems or queries on the results, please email michael.pidgeon@inmo.ie.

This data is being collected for the INMO by their communications team. Only anonymised comments and statistical data will be shared outside of that department. Answers will be kept until December 2019, but anonymous statistics may be used/stored after that date.

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