Let's Huat Together
Hosehbo Everybody
As you all know the crypto space move super fast. Personally I have been focusing much on theTerra Ecosystem and have missed out on other opportunities on other ecosystem. But luckily thanks to bosses some dm me with tips and also potential crypto to watch out for.

This makes me think if we can come together. Because 1 person can only do so much but together we can do more :)

So starting this form, if you have something you like to SHILL or find that it has strong potential and want to share with fellow community members and bosses. Pls drop us some alpha.

We can all do Due Diligent on it and share it if it is valuable
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What is the token/farm you like to share about?
Token/Farm URL?
What chain is it on?
What you like about it?
Telegram Username - Only if you want to put in. add this because if you contribute more. Need to reach out to you :)
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