Crushing at Middlebury
For our research project we are interested in how students at Middlebury engage with the idea of the "crush." Our central question is, "how do people move from 'crush' to anything else?" whether that's an exclusive romantic relationship, a casual hookup, a friendship, or something in between. The survey is completely anonymous and any amount of detail is welcome -- thank you for contributing!
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general questions:
How do you define "crush"? What kind of crush do you think of when we ask?
How many crushes do you typically have at once? (however you define crush)
If you’ve ever had a crush come to fruition in some way, how did it happen?
If you haven’t, what’s your perception of how that might go?
thoughts on...
either being forward yourself or someone else being forward with you
making the first move?
trying to be friends first?
playing "hard to get"?
specific questions
feel free to add details to your answers in the last question, titled "Care to share anything else?"
What do you typically do when you have a crush?
Do you make efforts to run into your crush or just “go with the flow”?
Are you generally more interested in people who have already expressed interest in you?
Are you willing to cross social boundaries in your crushes/pursuits? (i.e., friend groups, perceived social differences, etc.)
How do you define flirting?
In what setting do you usually pursue/think about pursuing your crushes?
Do you tend to pursue crushes via social media/texting or in person?
What has worked on you when someone is crushing on you?
Care to share anything else?
something we missed, experiences you felt weren't addressed adequately or at all, anecdotes or details that are relevant, if you want our numbers, etc. ;-)
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