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This form is intended to poll the preliminary interest for participation in the CrowdCamp 2020 event, co-located with the HCOMP2020 Conference. this year. For more information on CrowdCamp2020 please visit:
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We are still exploring options for the CrowdCamp event in the new covid19 situation. We are preparing to run this event in the format that suits best the overall conference format and also considering preferences from participants. We would like to know which option would be most suitable for you to participate in the event
About you (optional): please provide some information about your relevant skills and interests and what you would like to get out of CrowdCamp2020.
About datasets interests (optional): please tell us what kind of human-labeled data would you be interested to work on during CrowdCamp2020.
If you have indicated that you interested in working with new or existing datasets during CrowdCamp2020, please indicate what kind of datasets you can provide for the event, or are interested to work on
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