THC Web Development Virtual Intro Session (Free)
Hello, thanks for showing interest in The Hacker Collective! We believe learning technology and code is important to the future of our society, and that it can definitely be self-taught!
Thus, we've created this High Performance (HiPO) self-teaching programme.

A HiPO is a high performance self-directed learning group. It's a study group with very focused goals to learn a particular topic and achieve their outcomes. At The Hacker Collective, we believe this is the best way for anyone to learn a new skill. Not by learning alone, not from teachers, not from going back to school. It's joining a support group that can help each other and learn from one another. This is a part-time course where individuals come for weekly mentor-led meetups and learn together with a structured curriculum designed to help people with little to zero experience be job ready in 6 months, part time (NO, YOU DO NOT NEED TO QUIT YOUR CURRENT JOB)

Why web development you ask? Well, its the easiest and fastest way to break into the technology and programming world with great job prospects. You'll be introduced to all the relevant technologies and can future venture into the broad world of technology out there!

Graduates who finish the course will gain not only the ability to create amazing web applications, but they will also have ability to think critically, learn problems, abstract ideas, and above all, have the power to speak the language of machines.

This part-time curriculum includes access to our network of professionals from a wide array of industries, weekly HiPO meetups, monthly Town Hall Sessions, building cool projects as a team, and most importantly a access to a strong network of self-taught individuals to keep you driven in this lonely journey of self-teaching!

Contact: +601161109801
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