FALLS VILLAGE: American Rescue Plan Act Survey
The purpose of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to municipalities is to support economic recovery from the pandemic, to support their current and future sustainability, and to help towns invest in future growth and prosperity, the impacts of which will extend beyond near-term expenditure needs.

The American Rescue Plan Act has been adopted at the state level and the Town of Canaan (Falls Village) has been granted about $309,000, half of which has already been received, with the remainder being paid to the Town in May of 2022. Of this funding, it is expected that about $48,000 of this money will be used for septic and some other funding for the 107 Main building which is owned by the Town. This will leave approximately $254,000 to use for other projects, with the money being spent by 2025.

The final decision for use of the money rests solely on the Board of Selectmen (BOS). The Board of Selectmen have discussed this with the Board of Finance (BOF) and the BOF has agreed to act as a sounding board on use of the funds before BOS action.

You, as a community member, may have ideas for how to allocate the ARPA funds for our Town’s benefit and so are invited to complete this survey by January 3, 2022. You can fill out this survey online and submit it digitally or print it out and deposit the completed survey in the mail slot at Town Hall. If you wish to remain anonymous, complete it on paper and place it through the mail slot at Town Hall. When the surveys are compiled, a public forum will be scheduled to explore the results.

BEFORE YOU COMPLETE THE SURVEY (by January 3, 2022), it is important to NOTE that ARPA funds must be used for the following purposes:
1. Support public health response to the pandemic
2. Invest in water, sewer and/or broadband infrastructure
3. Address negative economic impacts of the pandemic to workers, households, small businesses including nonprofits, and/or support economic development
4. Replace lost revenue for our town to strengthen support for vital public services and help retain jobs (NOTE: Our town did not lose revenue, so this category does not apply for our uses of ARPA funding)

More information and ideas can be found at

Please answer the following survey/questions to help in this process.
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Please prioritize the following funding categories, with 1 being your view of the top priority category. *
Support COVID-19 response efforts to continue to decrease spread of the virus.
Invest in water, sewer and/or broadband infrastructure
Address negative economic impacts of the pandemic to workers, households, small businesses including nonprofits
Please share your ideas, listed in priority, for how the town's ARPA funds may be spent to support the wellbeing and future sustainability of our town. If you feel it would be helpful, please refer to the list below for ideas that neighboring towns are considering.
Possible ideas that other towns are considering as food for thought:
Assist residents struggling to pay bills because of Covid-related issues.

Assist residents in accessing and paying for mental health treatment, substance misuse treatment and other behavioral health issues or crisis intervention.

Assist local businesses that had to close or that lost business because of pandemic rules, and/or that purchased equipment, etc., so they could operate safely.

Improve technology at Town Hall to be able to communicate with residents, including being able to conduct hybrid in-person and online public meetings of boards and commissions.

Support installing high-speed internet access to all homes and businesses.

Provide funds to the volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Squad to support their emergency response.

Support nonprofits whose fundraising efforts were curtailed because of Covid restrictions.

Support nonprofits whose workload increased as they responded to community needs.

Provide language translation to address barriers that create health disparities.

Devote a percentage of funds to assist struggling arts and cultural organizations.

Marketing the town’s assets to future residents, visitors and businesses.

Create affordable housing to help attract and retain a diverse population.

Develope and implement a plan for safe access from Main Street down the hill to the River/Appalachian Trail to encourage use of the park by the river and to also offer remote parking to downtown.
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