Associate Pastor Leadership Competencies
Please select the top 5 leadership competencies you think are important for this position. Keep in mind, the list provided asks us to identify LEADERSHIP QUALITIES – this is not a list of job functions. Space has been provided at the end of the form for comments if you would like to elaborate on tasks or responsibilities that you want to emphasize, or any other comments you would like to share with the APNC (Associate Pastor Nominating Committee).

For definitions of these qualities (from PCUSA), reference the definition document attached to the First Press email.

What leadership competencies are most important to you in our next associate pastor?
SELECT ONLY FIVE (5) competencies. There may be more than 5 you want your associate pastor to have, however select the 5 most important. (Reference the definitions attached for clarification)
If you have any thoughts you would like to share with the APNC, please use the space here. We appreciate your input, but you do not have to fill out this question.
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