Commissioning a.z.terry
Tell me what I need to know to make you the best doodle
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First off, what size is it?
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Digital or traditional?
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What's in the picture? You or something else?
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How much should I care about the background?
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Now for something completely different: What's your favorite comic, novel, movie and/or TV show?
Pick a song and tell me why you like it (yes, this is important).
Favorite color?
Anything else I need to know? Anything you don't want included in the drawing? (e.g.: i like the little mermaid but i prefer if she didn't have hair. please draw her bald.)
And that's it! If the math isn't too hard, venmo or paypal an amount to me, and I'll find your form! If you don't feel like doing math, you can DM me and I'll tally'er up for ya. Any questions can be sent to Thank you so much for your patronage!
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