Digital Passport Final Test
Read each question and ALL OF THE ANSWERS carefully. Then choose or write the BEST ANSWER POSSIBLE.
1. It is good to be distracted by your cell phone when you are crossing the street or talking to someone. *
2. What is one piece of personal information that you should NEVER share with strangers online? *
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3. When you see someone being bullied or cyberbullied, you should be a/an *
4. When you are searching for information on the internet, you should type in *
5. If you copy someone else's work or use their creation without permission, it is called *
6. Why should you NOT use your cell phone in a movie theater? *
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7. If a stranger on the internet says they want to meet you, you should *
8. Which of these is a good password? *
9. If you want to use a photo from the internet in your report, you must *
10. The most important thing to remember when using a device on the internet is *
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11. Name *
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