So, you want to play Dungeons & Dragons?
A quick survey for your preferences, expectations, and desires for your introductory session or one shot
First off, hello! Have you ever played D&D before? *
If yes, what version of D&D have you played and how recently? Or if you've played a similar game, what was that?
Who will be in your adventuring party? *
How many players? *
Will you all be in the same location? *
Do you have access to a video conferencing service (FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom) and reliable internet connection? *
Having more than two people on a screen at a time can get tricky. The audio gets messy and keeping everyone engaged is more of a challenge. If more than two will be playing in the same location, would you be able to utilize another computer/device?
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If any children will be playing, how old are they? This game is rated 12+ but can be modified for younger players (a bit more of a challenge for me, but very doable)
If only adults are interested, how comfortable are you with adult language and content? Aspects of the game can be violent, frightening, or potentially triggering. I control the story and I can tone things down as needed.
Nothing untoward, please!
Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino
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What entices you most about D&D? *
Do you play video games? If so, what type? What do you enjoy about those games more than others? *
How long would you like your first session to be (new players)? *
Same question for experienced players *
What time frame is better for your players? *
If starting out, are you willing to procure your own gaming supplies (as needed) such as dice, paper and pencils, and printing out your character sheets? *
For new players, we'll be playing a published Starter Set from Dungeons & Dragons as I've found it to be the best way to introduce new folks to the game. It's a self-contained story with pre-built characters, and an abridged rule book for quick reference and easier study. It also comes with a set of dice! Would you be interested/willing to purchase this set for use during our game? (I only ask that you don't read over the Dungeon Master's materials as it will spoil the adventure for you and that's no fun).
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If printing materials is an issue, would you be interested in using an online tool called D&D Beyond? It's a character creation tool to build and maintain your stuff without have to keep track on paper.
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Here's the official theme for D&D Beyond, courtesy of the folks at Critical Role
For experienced players, would you like your game set in a world you know from your own games or an entirely new setting?
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After the first session, would you have interest in taking over as the Dungeon Master for your game or would you like additional time one-on-one to learn the basics for yourself?
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I won't be charging for my time and services. This isn't about making money, but about helping people escape for a few hours during this difficult time. I am, however, unemployed. Are you comfortable offering a tip at the conclusion of our session, either via Venmo or Pay Pal? *
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