CCSD- 2019 Parent Comprehensive Needs Assessment
Thank you for taking a few moments to complete this survey. Your participation will help us as we examine current practices and plan for the future in our district.

Please complete the following questions and submit this survey by April 26, 2019.

Please select which school your child attends.
Parent and Family Engagement
1. Our school (district) actively promotes parent/teacher communication.
2. As a parent, I feel welcome in the school.
3. Parents are involved and support school functions.
4. Parents have a good understanding of the school’s programs and operations.
5. For the most part, I am satisfied with our school.
Federal Programs
1. In my experience, teachers in my school (district) are state-certified and effective.
2. Tutoring is delivered by well trained and qualified instructors and students are properly motivated.
3. School nurses help improve student attendance and academic achievement.
4. The character education program at my school is comprehensive and effective.
5. My school (district) has programs and procedures in place to effectively address drug education.
6. My school (district) has effective procedures for addressing school safety.
7. Student behavior is rarely a problem.
8. Federal funds are used effectively at my child's school.
9. I have input into how federal dollars are spent in my school.
10. The 1% of my school's federal program allocation for parent involvement is being used effectively for parent involvement activities/resources.Strongly disagree
11. As a parent, I would like more information regarding:
12. I would like my child's school (district) to offer classes for parents on the following:
13. I would like my child's school (district) to offer classes for parents on the following:
14. I would like my child's school (district) to offer information/classes on how to help me help my child in the following areas:
15. Please indicate ways in which you would like to see Title I Parental Involvement funds spent at the school and/or district level.
16. For the most part, I am satisfied with our school.
School Context and Organization
1. Teachers and administrators in our school consistently enforce school rules.
2. The variety of student activities available at our school is excellent.
3. Sensitivity to issues of racial and ethnic fairness is demonstrated by students, teachers, and administrators at our school.
4. Sexual harassment is not a problem at our school.
5. Discipline policies are fair at this school.
6. In our school (district) students have access to a variety of resources to help them succeed in their learning, such as technology, media centers, and libraries.
7. I am satisfied with the way teachers, administrators, and counselors treat students.
8. This school (district) provides a clean, well-maintained, and pleasant environment for learning.
9. This school (district) recognizes all types of high achievement demonstrated by students.
10. I am extent to which satisfied with the administration includes students in making decisions about matters that directly affect students (e.g., dress standards, assemblies, hall passes, etc.)
11. As a whole, teachers are concerned about my son/daughter as an individual.
12. School (district) personnel involve community services (mental health, law enforcement, etc.) to help meet students’ needs.
13. The transportation services to and from school meet the needs of students.
14. School (district) rules and regulations affecting students are reasonable.
15. The school’s grading policies and practices are administered fairly.
16. Students show respect for each other.
17. What does the school (district) do well?
Your answer
18. What improvements should the school (district) make?
Your answer
Curriculum and Instruction
1. Students see a relationship between what they are studying and their everyday lives.
2. Our school (district) is preparing students to deal with issues and problems they will face in the future.
3. Teachers provide instructional activities that involve students in their learning.
4. Teachers are available to give students the assistance they need with assignments.
5. The programs of this school (district) meet the requirement of students with special needs (handicapped, learning disabled, gifted and talented, etc.).
6. Our school (district) is doing a good job in the following area:
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Not Applicable or No Information
English/Language Arts
Social Studies
Fine Arts
Physical Education
Health Education
Foreign Languages
Career/Vocation Education
7. The programs of our school (district) help students to understand their moral and ethical responsibilities.
8. My school work is challenging and requires my best effort.
9. Homework that I am expected to complete helps me improve my learning.
10. I use additional resources, beyond the textbooks for my classes, to help me with my school work.
11. The evaluation of my work, through various assessments and tests, provides me with information about how I can improve my learning.
12. Teachers are concerned that students learn the subjects they teach.
13. Teachers are willing to give students individual help outside of class time.
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