basecamp:London - Expression of Interest
You have been nominated to take part in basecamp:London. Please Express Your Interest in doing so via this form. The conveners will let you know the status of your Invitation soon.

By Expressing Interest, you are aware that the minimum expectations for "taking part" include:

1) Responding to at least one short consultation paper in the lead-up to basecamp:London

2) Being present for the entirety of basecamp:London, Nov 3 (all day) and Nov 4 (half day) at Ashridge House, near London, UK

3) Making a money gift toward the costs of coming together at basecamp (suggested tiers of $500, $2000 and $5000 — but with no floor or ceiling. Basecamp:London is for us and by us, and we need to fund it.

The monetary gift is NOT a barrier to participation for those who cannot give monetarily. If it is a barrier for you, contact Scott Annan, Note that your travel and (discounted) accommodation at Ashridge House will be at your own expense. Details will be supplied to Invitees.

4) Taking forward something that comes out of basecamp. We each come to basecamp because we intend to leave as part of an Expedition. It might be in a major role, or a supporting role. We come with the intent to be a part of something new—but we don’t know what it is just yet.

For any further questions get in touch with
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