Immigrants Survey 2018
evelopment and growth within society resulting in stronger communities that are economically and more inclusive socially and culturally.

DSI INTERNATIONAL INC. (“DSI”) is a Non-Profit Organization presently registered in New York, USA. It was formed to educate, equip and empower individuals with the necessary tools to establish reasonable and achievable goals which result in economic self-reliance and financial independence. One of our main areas of Service is Immigrant Integration under the Life Empowerment and Mentoring Module.

In order to fully appreciate and assess the needs of our Participants and prospective Clients in this Module, we are embarking on a Survey of African Immigrants. Our main objective is to bring to the fore, the voice of African Immigrants and make our needs known and relevant to the development of integration policies. Details of DSI's programs are available on our website at .

The Survey is designed to cover different areas of integration which we believe are core areas that directly affect the Participants. Such areas include:



3.Residence & Citizenship

4.Financial Stability

5.Civic Participation

We hope that at the end of this Survey we would have been able to identify common areas of needs which may need to be addressed in terms of policies.
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1. Gender
2. Age
3. What is your country of Origin?
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4. In what year did you arrive in the USA?
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5. Are you
6. Do you have children
7. Did your Children come into the USA as Immigrants?
8. If yes explain the challenges [if any] that you had integrating them into the schools and culture of the USA.
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8b. Explain your personal integration challenges [e.g language, access to resources/information, financial]
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9. What language(s) are you fluent in?
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10. Since you arrived in the USA, have you had any challenges communicating in English Language?
10 b. If yes, how did you resolve the challenge?
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11. Do you think a language integration course is helpful for immigrants?
12. What kind of housing do you have?
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