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You will receive a payment code via email - IMPORTANT: You MUST use this code when making your payment OR setting up your standing order.

Pay £40 for 4 x full boxes or £20 for 4 x half boxes.

Payments must be received by 27th every month (or closest Friday). Once we have reconciled all payments,
you will receive a confirmation email.

Collect your box every week, for 4 weeks, from first week of the month at the hub location of your choice.
Kindness Hampers
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How will it work?

1. Why £40 or £20?

This will guarantee you 4 x full boxes or 4 x half boxes (standard, vegetarian or vegan), to collect from your chosen location. It's more efficient for us to process orders on a monthly basis, rather than weekly and it gives you the peace of mind.

2. What if I don’t want 4 boxes and want only 3?

You can still use the TGTG app to purchase a box at your convenience. Alternatively you can donate your box and pay it forward to someone else, TRJFP will guarantee this. We may be able to carry forward a box to the following month, however we would require sufficient time to rearrange our delivery to the hub - please email us at

3. What locations can I collect from?

We have a variety of locations and times, please see:

4. How do I sign up?

Register via our link through the website. We’ll be in touch with you to give you your unique code. You MUST use this when making a payment, setting up a standing order or emailing as it helps us to identify you. Please note that all enquiries are subject availability at the collection hub chosen. If we are unable to offer a box at your preferred location we will contact you to let you know and you will be added to the waiting list until we can offer availability.

5. What if I want to change my choice of box or location?

Get in touch with our coordinator at least one week before to arrange and we’ll make the respective location aware. Unfortunately we can’t change sizes once one monthly payment is made.

6. What if I wish to order more than one box?

You can make as many purchases as you like, you only need to fill in the form once, so we have your correct details simply email to ensure your order is correct each month.
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