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Candidates are solely responsible for management of their forms and for adherence to this deadline. Please note that appointments will not be made until the end of summer. Candidates will not hear about their status until that time and should be ready to commit to an appointed position for next year’s program when contacted by the YIG State Office or the appointing youth officer.
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In an effort to represent the diversity of Youth in Government programs in our student leadership, we strive to appoint students from a diverse background.
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Application Questions & Qualifications
All applicants will be screened by the appointing authority. It is necessary, therefore, that you thoughtfully respond to the following questions. Officers will use the information on this application (and only this information) in making their determinations, so take some time and effort in your responses. The information you provide may also be used in capsule summaries which may be used for publicity purposes.
Why are you applying for an appointed position?
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Positions for Appointment
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